Who the hell has father inlaws on this site?
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
DEAR GOD that is probably the best thing I have seen since...ever
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If you make a clone of yourself, then have sex with yourself,

Is it incest or masturbation?
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It's not incest, but it's not masturbation.
It'd be closer to incest than masturbation, but I don't think there's a word for it.
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God, I saw an image of the Man Made Oysters and almost puked all over my keyboard.
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If we all had this guy's clarity of thought, world peace would ensue

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incidentally, there are absolutely no results for "bizzare anal kazoo" on google.

What the hell...
Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who...
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I'm ORION, LORD OF EVIL, give me your soul and breathe in my darkness.

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This might be the most amazing thing i have ever seen, i cried when i saw how beautiful the man-made oysters were.