In all of my days, i have never really seen or heard a metal inspired piano piece... maybe i'm not looking in the right place, but i had to try it anyway.

its not done, i want it to repeat the first theme and end it the second theme eventually. for now though, i just want to know if im just wasting my time.

crit for crit of couse..
and be honest.... if i should scrap it.... or continue it...
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Don't mistake this for cheapening your work, but you aren't covering any new ground here.

It is, however, well executed.
i like where it goes at bar 17 and then again at bar 23 with the G major part.
the ascending part at bar 29 im not crazy for.
i love the caberet-like D minor dancey part at bar 31.
just for kicks i lowered the tempo to make it a little easier to play.
maybe add more then just backing octaves in the bass. it sounds like metal guitar doing rhythm powerchords and not piano.
whats this? count drakula? it reminds me of the old sega games :P
but this is good .. but it still needs a guitar i say. .. oh i got it the second half reminds me of final fantasy ) so you could have been a music producer for that games good work i say, still its exotic here :P

crit me plz ty