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If you enjoy metal, even in the slightest, you owe it to yourself to check out In Flames the next time they're in town. I just saw them last night, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed. I'd never really gotten into them before, but seeing them live....wow...

Everything sounds better, especially Anders' Vocals...insane...

Bjorn and Jesper never ****ed up and their sound was amazing, balanced perfectly for the venue. All the songs they played were good picks, though I would've liked to see 666...

Gojira also kicks ****ing ass!!! Like Tool on steroids...heavier, if that's even possible.

And I have to say that:

36 Crazyfists blow chunks...absolute suck. Their guitarist is afraid to do anything, because If he messes up, the band loses their midrange sound until he gets back on track, and the vocals were horrible.

All That Remains also sucked. The only reason they got to where they are is because of their phenomenal lead guitarist, he was very good in a live setting. Vocalist is horrible, and has pierced nipples...making him effeminate....thought taking off his shirt would set off the crowd...and when that didn't work, he just told all the couples present to have sex after the concert...way to kill your stage presence!

If you haven't bought tickets already...do so...because In Flames is definitely worth the 20 some odd dollars you pay for a ticket!!!!


And I guess to make this fit in the thread for sure; discuss IF anyone?
Yea, In Flames are awesome, I'd go see them if they came down here. That said, the show would probably sell out in 30 minutes just like every other good one does....
Caught the London show on 1st October, an awesome night. Gojira had a pretty hefty chance of stealing the show after their insanely heavy set. They are a walking paradox, heavy + French = headfuck.

In Flames really did own the night though, I had doubts about their new album, it seemed a bit -core to me, even though I am quite a -core fanboy deep down, but after hearing it live I think it's great. Good to hear a whole load of Jester Race stuff, I just wished there was some Whoracle tunes.
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I'm thinking of seeing them sometime next year
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I saw them last Saturday, alot better than I expected it too be. They played a few songs from Whoracle and Colony which was really nice. Their was a bit too much ASOP for my liking though.
Gojira destroyed everyone that night, I thought they were better than In Flames to be honest. The songs from TWOAF are insanely good live. Also got talk with Christian and Mario after, pretty cool dudes.
36 Crazyfists were pretty ****ty, but they had a decent live show. I did some shots with their bassist at the bar during All That Remains.
All That Remains were terrible, Phil's vocals sucked, they just stood their and played emotionless and bored the **** out of me. Possibly the worst band I've ever seen live.

Gojira and In Flames were well worth the money alone, but next time I'd prefer 2 better support bands.
I want to see this tour, mostly for Gojira. December 2nd, Orlando. Do you think it will be sold out if I go early and get tickets at the box office? Or should I get them ahead of time on ticketmaster? (I hate all the crazy fees they charge you)
^I'm seeing them that day, that place, AND for the same reason. If you see someone with a red Arsis shirt, say hai.
^Not funny.

But yeah, the In Flames thread. It's floating around somewhere.
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