im an intermediate beginner , i play classic rock and rock an roll .

and im wondering would an epiphone wilshire be good for me?

my budget is about $350

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Epiphone 1966 RI SG would be better

as long as you try it first.
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Be sure you actaully need a new guitar, depending on your current gear I would save that till you can get afford perhaps better guitars or amps.

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I was just looking at the wilshire to add to my collection, as an inexpensive "beater" so to speak. I have not played one. But i kind of like them. The bat wing headstock is a nice touch on an inexpensive guitar. And any time you buy a $300.00 dollar guitar, you get a $300.00 dollar guitar. you cant expect it to be like a $1000.00 dollar guitar. I would say they are worth 3 bills.
i dont know much about these guitars, but its gotten pretty good reviews on harmony central. really, only you can decide whether or not you want/need something. all we can do here is tell you our experiences with the gear, and in the case of many of us here (thank god not me), bandwagoning
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