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Coheed and Cambria.

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idk im bored.

I have two

Smashing Pumpkins and The Offspring.

I love The Offspring but agree that Dex's voice can be annoying as hell sometimes.
Agreed on both.

Blink 182, Nine Inch Nails, and Megadeth. Whilst I can listen to them, I would like these bands a lot more if the singers didn't sound the way they did.
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I will probably get burned for this.. and I still love the old Nightwish... but I found Tarja Turunen voice to sound a little like Kermit the Frog in some of their songs. I still love Nightwish though and listen to them frequently and I love the operatic style... its just something that kinda irked me.
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rush, coheed and cambria, i don't know why i dislike squeaky voices so much. I don't like Plant's voice on the latter led zeppelin albums, but his voice on the album with alison krauss was awesome.
HORSE the Band. I love the music, but I can't even listen to them because of how dumb their vocalist sounds.
^not to make fun of your avatar, but system of a down. i hate how they go between opera and screaming. lol
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The Human Abstract and Protest the Hero

I've grown used to some of the weird singers I listen to, but Rody Walker's voice is amazing.
motorhead...he sounds like barney from the simpsons
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br00741burgers, alesana and chiodos are both awesome. dont bash em. this is for bands you like but dont like the singers voice
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the sword, sometimes it dosnt sound that bad but alot of the time your expecting this epic metal roar and then its just a lame whinge.
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I don't like Bruce Dickinson's voice in some Maiden songs. Same goes for Axl Rose, Anthony Kiedis, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, Maynard James Keenan, Pete Townshend, and Robert Halford.
Megadeth, well I like Dave's voice now. But still, can be annoying.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
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br00741burgers, alesana and chiodos are both awesome. dont bash em. this is for bands you like but dont like the singers voice

this entire thread is pretty much just bashing bands there music is good i just cant stand there whiny vocals
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Judas Priest.

ahahaha! i was about to say exactly the same thing!

his voice is ****ing gay, breaking the law is so full of cheese it actually makes me laugh
dream evil

its ok most of the time, apart from when he says dragon... he says "dwag-on"
avenged sevenfold
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^ to something i said!

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Prostest the Hero?? What? Well, actually i can understand that. But he is an absolutely amazing singer. I really hate a lot of metal vocalists these day. There are a lot of bands i want to get into, but i just dont like their singing, mainly the screaming and growling. And also Black Bonzo. Their music is awesome, very similar to Yes, but i just hate their singer. He's a good singer, but just really ****ing annoying
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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ahahaha! i was about to say exactly the same thing!

his voice is ****ing gay, breaking the law is so full of cheese it actually makes me laugh

You do know that Rob Halford is actually gay, right...?
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All "singers" that use growl or scream.

some of them just do it because it would sound weird with singing if there playing really fast heavy music but alot of bands are kinda ruined by there generic vocals
Smashing pumpkins definately!!Billy corgans voice cud turn milk sour!!!
I don't mind it anymore, but I really used to dislike James Labrie's (Dream Theater) voice. Now I like it for lots of songs, and it's ok for others.
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