Thread ini buat para member indonesia,ngobrol2 tentang gitar elektrik...

sapa tau ada yg mau jual atau beli
saya tidak tau ada yg lain orang Indonesia disini... dimana adalah kamu dari Mas..??
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kaervek...you rock

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Kaervek orang indonesia yang tinggal di USA?
klo bener saya senang ketemu anda di forum ini,btw koleksi gitar apa ?
gw lagi cari orang indonesia yg tinggal di usa yg hobby gitar ato suka jual beli gitar

btw boss tinggal dmana?

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di pit aj kali... klo di sini pasti di close threadnya... knapa ga ke http://musisi.com/index.php aja ? mungkin forum kayak gt yg lu cari
boleh minta ym or msn id nya boss? kirim ke gw id loe via Private messages,gw pengen ngobrol2 and berbagi pengetahuan ttg gitar


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gw asal jakarta tinggal di Ausi
This is not the forum for this discussion.
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Hi everyone
I am a dealer of guitars in Viet Nam. I am trying to find a partner in Indonesia to make guitar to buy in Viet Nam. Please contact to me to maitannews@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks in advance!
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This is not the forum for this discussion.

I'm sure they'll get around to it eventually.
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