Chill out man
Her ass is always like that
I'd hit it
Not too hard
Even doggy style
Seriously, like a boxer
Even if she's got aids

Do you know who i'm talking about?
Man her voice get's me going
Oral is best with her
Calling her mitsy is off limits tho
Racy names are ok
Amy likes to join us for threesomes
Calling out a 4th party name
Yours i think......

Let's enjoy it tho
Everyone envies us for it
Andy dick is most jealous
Kangaroos satisfy his cravings
Early in the morning


please avoid that little "report" button....
Don't you try and ask me your expiration date
Plans that forgot me 99 times
you'll be the one who opens the gate.

- Cedric Bixler Zavala

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please avoid that little "report" button....



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