I've got band practice tonight at my church and we're going to be covering some Hillsong numbers so. what is the best way for me to get a somewhat acceptable "Hillsong tone" from my amp and guitar?

The main driven song we're doing is "Run".

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Thats a pretty hard bill to fill with a 5150, try keeping the gain way down for one, I play the same type of music for my Church, and I find it hard dial in my Triple XXX for that tone but at the end of the day with gain around 8:30-9:00 it sound pretty good. Although it may be near imposible with a 5150. Just do the best you can, most people don't really know guitar tone any way, electric guitar sounds like electric guitar, if you know what I mean, just do your best to dial out some of gain and I think you will be fine.
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ya, the main EQ settings ive been using on my lead are:

pre- 2-2.5

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
Orange TH30 Head
Orange PPC212-OB

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I'd dial in a bit more mids.
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