My Hellraiser was shipped to me proffesionally setup with .9s, well i changed them to power slinkys, then after about a month and 1/2 switched to .9s again and..... yeah, mess

my intonation and action are probably off and ive got some fret buzz that i really dont like when playing open chords or some of the lower frets so.

i want to get it set-up with skinny top heavy bottoms, because they seem pretty all-around versatile.

just wondering about price

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yeah, the luthier at the one near me is actually quite renowned from what ive heard

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
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Last I checked GC was reeling from a lawsuit somewhere in which an inexperienced guitar tech screwed up some kid's new guitar.

When I went in over the summer looking for a setup, they refused to do it. But one of their "techs" (I use the term lightly) offered to do it for me under the table. He did, and it sucked. Intonation was horrible, action was way too high, and of course there's not way to refund it because it's under the table.

So basically, don't EVER trust Guitar Center to mess with your guitar. Go to a small shop where a caring professional can take care of it for you. Just my two cents.
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Ahh ok. Has anyone heard of Jackson's music store? would they be any good to do it? they are near one of my friends house, and it seems like a very small shop

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
Orange TH30 Head
Orange PPC212-OB

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GC uses hired guns to set up their guitars, IE techs who weren't good enough to get jobs at established shops. Ask around with other musicians. For instance, in Lancaster PA, they all will say "Jim at Lancaster Musical Instrument Repair". Look for a luthier/tech with that kind of reputation to do your work, not some guy off the street.
Do NOT let GC touch your guitars!

The local guy in PGH messed up my buddies Les Paul studio not once, not twice but three times. The one time I spoke with him I could smell booze.
Guitar center couldn't even handle a quick soldering on my old practice amp, so I wouldn't trust them handling your gear.
That's weird, that shouldn't happen..

Cause when I got my KV1 I got it set up for 10's and the guy did a very bad job,(horribly low action, lets just say i've heard snakes with less rattle) but, the intonation was perfect. I took it back to the store demanding a new setup, and the only pack of strings I had on me was 10-52's. so I asked him to set it up for those this time.

well he did it really quick, and I'd always noticed when playing it the intonation wasn't perfect

(This was about 10 months ago)

Last night I put regular 10's back on it, and lo and behold, the intonation was perfect.. then I realized that the guy never bothered to changed the intonation for the 10-52's.. long story short, your setup shouldn't have changed like that.