*looked in rules this IMO is within the rules of the pit as it is not discussing the topics but a suggestion to the pit*

it seems to me that a few topics in the forbidden threads post are large/important enough topics that possibly a subforum would be due. I.E. Drugs, Politics, Sports, Relationship, Body Mod.

Personally, some of these topics i have a desire to discuss but no desire to sift through a single thread containing 100 topics and 1500 responses. If subforums were created as in other sections of UG the threads misposted in the pit would be less likely to occur as the forums for said topics would be readily available. also the threads in place now would dissappear further cleaning the pit.

Mods, if i somehow missed somewhere where this is unacceptable and the thread is to be closed i ask one thing, a post telling why and an opportunity for rebuttal.
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Take it to the site suggestions forum

Edit: I don't want to report this, but I feel I have to. Forgive me *reported*
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1. Ask a new question in the thread you may have missed things in or use the searchbar. Some threads have FAQs for that reason as well.
2. Suggestions forum please

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There would still be loads of threads, but instead of cluttering up the Pit, users would have to wade through sub-forums full of them.

People would inevitably still post some threads in the main Pit, and be redirected to the subforums instead of the ONLY threads.

Choosing what gets its own subforum would be problematic. Note how concise the categorising in Bands & Artists is for this reason.
You clearly have no wish to sift through the rules either. This definitely doesn't belong in the pit, but let me save you the trouble: There will never be sub forums added to the pit.
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