strong hardcore/ death influenced intro, i like that x)
the verse is a bit chaotic to me, but thats my opinion. interlude is ok, just change the scale a bit. personally i'm more into melodic choruses, cuz im listening to a lot of that s...t, but your chorus fits there. the solo is good.. the whole song seems cradle of filth to me, but thats absolutely not a problem, i listened to it way too much 2 years ago.. still you need to change the outro IMO. 7/10
good work.
crit me plz ty
Sounds very Faceless inspired.
And a little bit of Gorguts.

I liked the atonality of the twiddly lines.
But why is there no bass?

Regardless, all the riffs are killer. There doesn't seem to be any filler moments in this at all. Which is great.
My favorites parts are the solo, the breakdown/sweeping, and bar 98. Excellent transition.

The extended riffing of the central melody is excellent. That has Gorguts written all over it, but it's never a rip-off of them.
Same goes for the acoustic outro. It sounds like, damn, Waste of Mortality!
Yeah, that's the name of the song. I love it.

Great song.
I've never listened to Gorguts, I need to give them a listen apparently!

Thank you for your kind words.

No bass because I'm not done with it yet. Almost though. Almost.
Nice work.
Intro is good, strangely the harmonies remind of something Trivium would do, but that all changes the further in we get, starts sounding much more hardcore, especially on the drums which I must say are VERY well done.
Verse riff has a hectic feel too it, keeping me intrested which leads into the chorus which some screaming vocals would go over the top nicely. The interlude leads well into that verse riff.
My favourite parts are probably the bridge which is very rapid leading into the solo, which gives time for the listener to 'breath' somewhat before plunging back into that badass verse riff .
The acoustic part was very unexpected to me but it was a nice change to use for an outro, winding things down.
All in all, real good work. 9/10

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