how much should GC or a shop charge to install new pickups and an active mid-boost circuit into my new Am St. strat??? 50-75$ ?? any help is appreciated.
i'm guessing you want the vintage noisless or the lace sensors gold for pups, and the TBX for the mid boost?

both the vintage noiseless and the lace sensors are $150 for the set.....although i cant find a price for the TBX circuit.
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TBX is the tone control. the midboost is something else. on my strat, i have a master volume control, TBX tone control, and another pot that just doesn't do anything cause its disconnected.

that's the guys who do that kind of service at my local guitar center. look at the prices, it looks like $65 for pickups, it doens't say for the midboost. i'm assuming its the one from fender, you'd need to make a place for it inside your guitar to make it fit. which would be a big boost in the labor price.

btw, TBX Tone Control: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-TBX-Tone-Control?sku=361264
mid boost circuit: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-PreAmp-Mid-Boost-Kit-25-DB?sku=420796
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If you have the pickups ($130-$150) and the midboost kit ($70), then the price of having someone install could vary from $30 to $100. The thing is that the kit is made for a strat body that is cut in certain spots. It can be installed without routing, but to get the best fit, routing is the way to go.