If you look at the attached riff I would like some help with the riff starting at bars 8-9
You see thats what I've come up with so far, but ideally I would like it to sound like bars 11-12, but then it all overlaps into other bars and I think it would be quite a mess.
So, in short, any ideas for how I can do it without changing the time sig? Or would making it extend into the next bar be the only way?

Riff help.zip
hows this sound?
also, i didnt really answer your question but i made some changes to the tab, i like it a lot.
Riff help EDIT.zip
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Appreciate the help, I'm not quite sure if I should downtune to drop D yet, still on the fence.
here are some ideas. While it may not answer your actual question (concerning the rhythmic placement of the heavier riff later on), this just came to mind on a somewhat creative impulse.

just out of curiousity from the debate about downtuning here, I decided to do both.
Concept 1 is in standart tuning, and thus plays out in the (super)phrygian feeling of the original riff in E (enhanced with minor rhythmic and melodic embellishments). The riff is then applied to a basic thrashbeat, which would be the most obvious, and obviously most fitting way to underscore such a ditty rhythmicly. The later part (the one where you had trouble coming up with a rhythm) was developed into a more straightforward driving thing, reminds me quite a bit of some Haunted or Crown or whatever. Rhythm gets more involved to establish some groove.

Concept 2 uses the same basic riff structure in drop D, thus we are in melodic minor mode, and the feel is much different. The harmonic possibilities are different, and you notice the flavor if you compare it side by side. The beat of choice for the first riff now wasn't a thrashbeat, but a steady onbeat that gives this thing a kinda rolling, marching flavor. Sounds lovely, you may alternate it with a thrashbeat later on of course. The second part has now more breakdown-sensibilites (not surprising, considering the droptuning), but I tried to kept it rhythmically and melodically more interesting than chugging some roots.

Now, these little concepts are just meant to give you some inspiration, some foray into how these pieces could sound if you develop them a certain way. Do with them whatever you will (they're not the most ambitious anyway, scrapped together in 5 mins by simply composing around some standart cliche moves), and if they don't sound anything like the vision you had in mind, scrap and disregard
Sang #93concepts.zip
Fantastic input! Concept 1 is what I'm thinking of doing, though Concept 2 is great, unfortunately I don't think I would be able to continue writing in that style.
Great drum beats by the way, I'm god awful at making up drum beats so I got some inspiration.

Even though none of this answered my question :P