Hey I posted something like this in band-leading. But there really isn't a forum that covers this topic. And Band-leading is pretty much dead.

So my band is booking and planning a tour that'll last a really long time. Our bassist has this HUGE van that has enough room for our equipment + Sleeping room. Were throwing our money together for a band fund, that only goes to stuff we need. Were aiming to ship off with at least 2k in there. Were all very seasoned musicians that have been playing gigs for a long time. We've got some good opportunities lined up, so were gonna try and take it up to the next level. But this will be our bands first legit tour, where were all living together on the road. Were all really excited but were pretty anxious too.

I just wanna know if theres any experienced touring veterans out there. Who can give some advice that would have helped when you were first starting out. Kinda like a do's and don'ts guide if you will.

I guess the big questions we have would be like. What's the cheapest food that you can get by on? How can you hype a show your playing where nobody really knows you? Just straight up general touring advice.
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I find that I feel the same about women who play bass as I think of immigrants in America.

I respect them for finding a place in society under a lot of ridicule, but I have an odd paranoia that they are going to steal my job.