Not long been playing guitar but would like to do open mic nights and stuff, would appreciate your comments as they will either convince me i should do it, or maybe just forget it !
thanks for listening

good stuff dude, keep it up, makes me wanna learn this song, where'd you find the chords at cuz you sounded pretty spot on
decent, cept needs to be in Eb, not standard. No Bueno boy, sounds okay but half step down make it sound better

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It was good, the vocals were amazing.

Except, I don't know if it's just my headphones, but all the sound is on the left side. As in mono sound. You might want to try stereo recording.

Excellant job, though.
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Definitely good to go on an open mic night, assuming you were playing and singing at the same time in that recording. Might consider slowing it down or a less active strumming pattern, as your version was kind of upbeat and poppy which doesn't really suit the song (just my opinion).
just kidding !
thanks for all your positive comments and thank you for taking time out to listen to my offering.
That was a pretty solid cover, and you're singing's pretty good too, but why was it all panned left. No offense, but it didn't do anything to help your recording, it just made me feel disorientated. For a simple acoustic recording like that, it's best to try and keep the recording very simple and straighforward. You want the listener to listen to the song and not wonder whether or not their headphones are broken.

Anyway, it was really good.

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