I am very close to purchasing an RR5, but have considered upgrading to an RR1 or KV2 because of quality type stuff I've read about the guitar (the gold hardware wearing down, and problems staying in tune, plastic pickup rings). I don't really want a Floyd Rose though...although I'm not dead set against one. I inquired about the 'T' models of these guitars with no FR and they ended up costing more than the originals, is this the way it's supposed to be?
yeah they're more.. It's cause they have the different inlays and they're made of mahogony and stuff (at least for the KV2T)
Nuts. The trem versions are usualy more...
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I checked the spec sheets at Jackson's website and the RR1 and RR1T are exactly the same guitar except for the FR. Oh well, guess that's just the way it is. I think I'll buy the RR5 in that case, there's a pretty big price gap between the RR1 and the RR5...although Floyd Roses are pretty sweet even if a pain in the butt. Decisions decisions....