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Yes, my mom walked in on me getting my carrot skinned.

So I freaked out and flipped the vegetable tray.

There was ranch everywhere.

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^^Too bad I can't do this in real life
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why the hell do you need altoids?

Because they taste like jesus
LOL i thought that the title said "Where Can i get Steroids"

You can get similar stuff at quality save, aldi etc.. but you jsut get a small cheap grey tin instead of a fancy one in one flavour
If you want altoids, just have sex with the skankiest hooker you find.

Oh wait...you mean altoids isn't an STI? Well, there goes my whole belief system
You used to be able to get them in Morrisons

I dunno if they're still there though

They're made in Great Britian, how can you not find them? You can buy them almost anywhere in the states.
I don't think I've ever seen them...

TS might wanna try a old stylee sweet shop...
You don't tend to see them in shops much any more. +1 to tracking down ye olde sweet shoppe.