so my friend is selling his gibson les paul collection

Custom Shop LPs include the 1958-1959-1960 Les Paul Standard Reissues,

the 1957 Les Paul Custom,

and the Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom (1960 LP Custom with Jimmy's mods).

since i never got into custom shop i have absolutely no idea whats the difference between the 57 58 59 or the 60s. for the jimmy page one i'm guessing it has 3 pickups?

each of them are in mint condition so if anyone can help me narrow it down to which one is the best.
Basically, if your wanting a standard reissue you'll probably want either the 59' or 60', main difference being the 59' has a chunkier neck than the 60' along with some other more subtle nuances but I'd suggest playing all of them and seeing which one you like most really. Just to let you know though, the Jimmy Page Custom will probably appreciate in value considerably over time.