I just bought a silvertone 1484 amp on ebay. From the pics it looks like the amp head and the sockets are a tad oxidized. Also the pots are supposed to be noisy. I'm thinking of using De-oxit for the pots, but I'm not sure how to go about cleaning the amp head face. Anyone have any ideas of how to improve it's current condition?
Pics and some info about the amps service history would help us to give you better advise about what you might need to look at doing
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1st thing you need to do is change every electrolytic capacitor on the amp. They go bad after about 5 to 10 years if you use the amp a lot. If you never use the amp they start going bad much much sooner. So change the electrolytic capacitors.

Next, make sure that the contacts between the chassis and the pots, jacks, and switches are clean and secure. These contacts are where many preamp stages get grounded so not being clean can mean lots of hum.

After that go ahead and use some electrical contact cleaner on the switches and pot so make sure they are good and clean.

To clean the tube sockets use more electrical contact cleaner, spray it the socket and then insert and remove a tube several time. Do it with each socket. If, after cleaning the sockets, you find that you still get crackling noises that see to get worse if you start moving a tube around then it's possible you need to re-tension the sockets too.

These are the 1st things I look at when I have an old amp sitting in front of me. Most of the time that is all you need to do.
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thanks for the help and good will, the amp's already on it's way and I'm going to try the advice once it get's here. Hopefully I can get it fixed up before thanksgiving.