Good mourning black friday has some of the most challenging rhythm parts i've encountered in a megadeth song (and I know a LOT of them)

the intro to set the world afire is RIDICULOUSLY fast and so are some of the riffs in the middle section.
Poison was the cure has a pretty challenging rhythm part...
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the rhythm in holy wars is pretty ridiculous too.

a lot of the megadeth stuff is pretty hard, basically...
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tornado of souls... well the solo....

that's one of the easier megadeth solos man, IMO
holy wars is real easy....good morning/black friday is kinda hard like hanger 18. if u wants something challenging try playing the songs from Killing is My Business. the title song is short but challenging. the songs from United Abominations r challening to sing and play the rhythm at the same time.
Anything with Chris Poland, that man is awesome.
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Mechanix maybe. It's got some fun parts in it for me at least.

Outside of that, maybe something off of UA would be alright. Marty's stuff is good up until they started going more hard rock. At least Mustaine's come to his senses as of late.
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Rattlehead from killing is my business

That song is extremely easy man, anything off Rust In Peace is pretty hard basically
Bad Omen. Have you heard that solo after that clean-satanic intro? I came in my pants when I heard that..
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holy wars maybe? i only really know rust in peace so i cant say for sure

holy wars is definitely up there
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bad question, there is only gonna be people in here claiming difficult songs are easy. well, a lot of megadeth songs ae pretty hard, to me anyways.
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Anything with Chris Poland, that man is awesome.


Sleepwalker? Holy Wars?

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idk how hard it is but shewolf is a sick song, the live version from one of their shows (i forget which one) has an extended version of the solos and its totally badass
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Already know Four Horseman by Metallica? Speed FH way the **** up, add a different intro, take away some parts, and there's Mechanix.
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Killing is my business riffs are pretty hard, In my darkest hour solo maybe.

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Killing is my business riffs are pretty hard, In my darkest hour solo maybe.

The solo to In My Darkest Hour isn't all that hard...Maybe Jeff's section is a bit harder than most but I will tell you Dave's stuff is all pentatonics, its just fast and it moves around a lot, but with enough practice I think anyone can get it down.
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