Hi bass forum
I'm a real fan of slap bass and have been secretly working on it for a pretty long while now.
I could say that I'm pretty OK at it even though I don't actually own a bass.
Anyways , I went to the music store today and was playing on this bass:

Not the exact model I think but it had the exact same specs and the same neck.
It's definatly the type of bass that I love the most but I just can't afford a $1000 bass right now.
What would be a good cheap alternative ?
Don't need a fancy one cause my main instrument is guitar, but quality is a plus.

PS. When I say cheap I mean as cheap as possible but still pretty good.
Could buy used.
Squier VM 70's Jazz Bass

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Checked out the Squier VM J-bass.
Seems to be exactly what I'm looking for .

Now just gotta get some money....
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Squier VM 70's Jazz Bass


That is the correct answer, and often is for ANY "I need a bass under $500" threads!
the VM Jazz is a good choice but i hope you realize you will need an amp too because guitar amps can't handle bass frequencies(sp?)
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^^Well of course.
I have a bass amp up in the attic.
I couldn't afford a decent guitar amp when I was just starting out so I found a Yamah bass amp real cheap at a second hand shop. It's some discontinued model , don't remember what it is though.
Like... quite literally... the VM 70's Jazz is... exactly what you're asking for. Exactly. Assuming THAT'S the bass you wanted in your photo. It has a few specific features that only the VM 70's Jazz has in that price range.

But enough for now. I don't like helping out evil magicians.
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