In my class, i have to do a project about doing a road trip.
NO I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO DO IT FOR ME...unless you want to lol.
I have to plan a road trip to five places in the USA and record everything about them, gas prices and how many miles, hotels and all that.

so what im asking you pit is to help me think of five interesting places.
it can be anything from alcatraz to dimebag's grave to new york city.

acatraz and new york has been done a billion times and so has disney world and disney land.


give me five intersting places to go to in the united states.

plz and thanks you.
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ah, yes. the maple leaf state.
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i had to do something similar once. Just make everything (apart from the place names) up. They dont cheak it. Do you no how long that would take?

And do some dirty swampy southern state
haha, my teacher isnt stupid
and he only has one class so he'll probably look it up on the computer while we present it, thats just how he is
Boyne Highlands in Michigan

BTW:it's a ski resort i like going there:]

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Washington D.C.
San Diego, Ca.
Chicago, Il.
Mount Rushmore
San Francisco, Ca.
Mount Rushmore
The Badlands
The Arch in St. Louis

I could keep going.

The Space Needle in Seattle
The Alamo in Texas
Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota

EDIT: I also second the bad lands.
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