hey i wanna learn heart shaped box by nirvana , as i look through tabs it is played diff . So I'm asking if any1 can give me the right tabs to learn it :P.
look for the tab with Five Stars their usually the closest/right and make sure your in Drop D that song is in Drop D.
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Just because the tabs are different does not make them wrong. In fact, if u wanted you could play almost any song on a single string of a guitar, or play it on higher or lower frets. It all depends on witch mode you use. Some people just tab it differently because thats how they prefer to play it. Just pick which ever you think sounds most like the song and try it out, you will probably change a few things to make it fit how you like it, i know i did when i studied that song.

One thing though, in this song the main riff uses different strings ringing at the same time. And uses the open e string so its most likely wrong if your playing the higher frets during the main riff (6th fret and up)
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