Anyone know if its possible to mod the reverb on a spring reverb amp? Either through the circuitry or modding the sping itself to get a deeper/more cavernous reverb effect. Stretching the strings sounds like it could work but what do I know it would more likely mess things up (so i'm not gonna try that). Thanks for any info you might have.
I don't think so... Maybe google it, ive never heard of anyone doing that before.

Get a reverb pedal?
Oh yeah forgot to add that, I don't want to spend the money on a reverb pedal, just seeing if theres any mods possible.
You could always run a delay pedal at the same time, can get pretty cavernous.
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Hmmm...cavernous, perfect for a goatse joke....but...

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Do this. GB&C would be your best bet.
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Thanks man sick article never thought of trying that. Way better idea than stretching the springs lol.