I'm a bass player and a big metal fan, but it often seems that the bass is toned back or basically mixed out altogether. I've been having a tough time finding really good bass players or really fun bass lines in the metal genre. So far all I have is Cliff Burton (metallica), Paulo Gregletto (trivium), Fieldy (Korn), and Ryan Martinie (mudvayne). Anyone have any good suggestions for metal bass?
Steve Harris of course!

Oh and Bob Daisley, from Ozzy's first 3 albums.
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Metallica is probably your best bet, also lamb of god has some nice bass lines too.
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John Myung of Dream Theater is a bass god. Also, Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse is pretty awesome.

Also, I hate to nitpick, but Mudvayne and Korn aren't metal.
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Whatever dude. Close enough. If one guy can bring up Dream Theatre, I can bring up Korn.
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John Myung of Dream Theater is a bass god.

yea, look into progressive metal for some more complex bass
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Check out these bands:

Dream Theater
Iron Maiden
Cannibal Corpse
Symphony X
Spiral Architect
Black Sabbath
the bassist from symphony x is good.
check out the song seven (the bridge has mind blowing bass tapping)
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Running free is a class one!

Listen to some Tool, it's a bit prog-metal but their bass is pretty prominent. I forget the name of the bassist. Awesome though.

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Protest the hero have some great bass lines.


(his name's Arif Mirabdolbaghi, fyi)
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Whatever dude. Close enough. If one guy can bring up Dream Theatre, I can bring up Korn.

That makes absolutely no sense.
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Your best bet for hearing good bass in metal....

Megadeth---David Ellefson

Definatly all of their early stuff up till Cryptic Writtings has amazing, audiable and hooky bassline.
Yeah I know Tool, Justin Chancellor I think is his name. Thanks a lot btw guys, you've already helped a ton.
I'm not sure of how you'd class them (it might depend on which album you're talking about), but Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold has some cool lines (or atleast, I think so). The song Afterlife has a really good, driving bass part. You could check that out.

Megadeth might have some fun stuff in there. I'm not a bass player, so I really couldn't tell you where to look. I just know about some of the bass players that I enjoy listening to. My favorite would probably be Geddy Lee of Rush. They're not exactly metal, but Geddy Lee has always impressed me.
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Alex Webster of cannibal corpse is an amazing player
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Of course Geddy Lee, not metal, but still he was the reason I picked up a bass in the first place.
i'd say to look at Geddy Lee of Rush, I know it's not metal, but even Cliff Burton said that he was one of his greatest influences. And Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. Jason Newsted (Cliff's replacement in Metallica post-Master of Puppets) is pretty good, he has some great lines musically, like King Nothing, My Friend of Misery, and some other stuff. And I know this is out there, but if you're looking for slap and pop metal, you need to check out Flea of RHCP, he's great, listen to the part from Tell Me Baby
The Bassist from Symphony X is amazing, just check out Sea Of Lies.

John Myung From Theater

The Bassist From Spiral Architect.

Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse, but he's a lot mofre proiment in Blotted Sceince.

The Bass Player from Necrophagist, just check out Only Ash Remains!

Or the other option is of course, listen to jazz..
Markus Grosskopf of Helloween is pretty good too!
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Korn=hard rock
Dream Theater=progressive metal

note the absence of the word 'metal' in the Korn description. On topic, Dan Briggs from BTBAM is a beast, along with John Myung