I am selling my Jackson RR3, bought brand new two years ago (august the 12th to be precise) and a hard gator case for with it

The guitar is in great condition other than the folowing - a tiny chip in the laquer on the very tip of the headstock - virtually unoticable - only found when i was cleaning it (and i clean meticulously)

the bottom horn (the longer of the two) on the very corner of this is a chip - this is noticeable when your looking directly at it, but is not something that anyone will see when you are playing, unless they get a really good look - i dont think its full chipped because the wood underneath is still very dark

there is a laquer crack where the neck meets the headstock that runs maybe half a centimetre - again not something you notice unless your cleaning or something, tho i will admit, knowing its there is annoying

information about the guitar - made in japan, 22 frets, jumbo with very little wear, floyd rose licensed copy - one of the best i've tried, black with black hardware, jackson diecast tuners, seymour duncan jazz in the neck, seymour duncan JB in the bridge, has had fairly regular set ups since bought - and is currently on 9's.

I'm selling because i'm now at uni and its at home - its not seen use in 3 months and isn't likely to for another 2 and a half years. im also pretty skint.

i bought the guitar for 430, and the case for 70. but i'll sell them both for 300 ono. I dont have any pictures at the moment since i'm not at home, but i will be down at xmas and i can take some then.
what are you interested in for trades?

also, why are you everywhere I look on this site?
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haha! yeah I am at the moment - i'm everywhere because i've got 3 assignments due in within the next week and im looking for any excuse not to sit down and actually do them - hence lots of threads.

to be honest, i'm looking to cut down on my gear not just replace it and raise some money which is why i'd prefer cash, but i do has serious G.A.S - so if anyone offers me something interesting then I may end up trading just because of that. I don't have anything in mind yet though.
lookin for any LTD's?
I have spare cash...like £200..and 13 guitars..
ha yea i got a large collection!
ltd ec1000
ltd alexi 600
schecter c1 HR
crafter crown dx
ltd sc207
ibanez s470dxqm
ibanez rg350mdx
jackson dk2 in white with emg 85/85
Gibson faded sg
dean razorback x2
the rest are like either so cheap...or unplayable
^^^ yes i have some spare cash lol
all pays when u get hit my an uninsured driver on a motorbike
well if you want to trade you know i shud be able to get pics for you
fyi the rg350mdx has an OFR
willing to trade -
razorback green n black one
crafter crown dx
ibanez rg350mdx
jackson dk2 in white with emg 85/85
Gibson faded sg
hey fairycakes92 would you be willing to trade any of those for my guitar and some money?
I could do with another guitar as mine doesnt really suite me.