Mmmmk so ive been playing guitar for about half a year now and two fridays ago I took my first formal lesson. (I didn't go last friday because I was totally at In Flames and All That Remains. Yeeeeah.) So anyways. One of the things my teacher taught me was bottom and middle set bar chords. I can play the chords but he has them listed as notes which i'm assuming i'm supposed to play consecutively, but honestly, I kinda forgot what he said and I need to get prepped for lessons this friday. I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me how to play the chords this way, as what I am assuming is that the note that is listed would be the note on low e that the bar is played on. However, this confuses me cuz the first note in the bottom set bar chords is A, which is not near the top of the neck leaving me confused because I assumed that all of the chords would just be played going down the neck. Anyways, the note progression looks like this:

Bottom set bar chords:

Middle set bar chords:

If anyone could offer some insight into this I would greatly appreciate it so I can practice tonight and tomorrow and not look like a waste of time to my teacher . Thanks.
i have no clue what bottom set and middle set means...
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Do you mean 6th and 5th string root? I've never heard of bottom or middle set before.
I don't really understand you're question.

I suggest taking a notebook to the lesson so that your teacher can write what they want you to do in it. It's not really reasonable to expect yourself to remeber everything your teacher says in a half an hour lesson for an entire week, or two weeks in your case.

Also, don't slack of practising after the first lesson because you won't get anywhere like that.
I think the fact you need clarification has already been stated. But he might mean just to practice those barre chords. I mean if that's just the case it makes sense to me that you would play(I'm just gonna give you frets for the root where you play your chord):

6th String: 5th fret A, 3rd Fret G, 1st Fret F then:
5th String: 1st Fret B, 3rd Fret C, 5th Fret G

For the others, do the same pattern but starting on D on the 10th fret(6th String)

That's the only way this "progression" makes sense to me. But hope this helps or just clarify like people said. Good luck.
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