Someone please listen to this and critique it how you can, i understand it might not be a lot of people's styles, but hey, musicians, ya know? Be open to things.

Anyways if anyone wants to know, it was made using fl studio 8 but only has a template, i.e. i sampled all my own drum sounds, made the beats, sampled the violin and piano and flute and changed them all to fit, made my own melodies, etc. I doubt anyone could even guess where they came from originally.

Crit for crit, of course. Thanks (or not) in advance!

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I enjoy some sampling and a little bit of techno. Particularly sampled voices and what not. I kind of have a problem with sampled instrumentation (I'm assuming from someone else?) just because the song practically becomes a remix of their own songs. On top of that I hate electronic drum beats (that are now a days just stagnate and repetative). Minimally if you enjoy those types of beats, I'd suggest mixing them up. Double bass is your friend. The song Taylor was okay but lacked because for the entire duration of the song it didn't change much.
Thanks for the crit. Cool bit of techno, I like the eerie sounding lead and the runs that come in every now and again, the beats pretty cool to, In a moment of inspiration . One thing that I think would be cool is to slowly raise the tempo toward the end of the song and finish with a fast beat to give it a little more variety. Otherwise it's a pretty cool song. Good work.
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