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What concerts have you been to with your dad? i was at opeth the other night and there were loads of metalhead dads with kids there. I saw page and plant with my old man.
Saw Metallica Tuesday with my dad, mom, and older brother.
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Saw Metallica Tuesday with my dad, mom, and older brother.

rofl. you should have taken a picnic hamper
Me and my dad go to Social Distortion whenever they play around here. he's as much of a fan as I am.
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My dad listens to Gloria Gaynor...

are you sure he is your biological father? i will survive is a camp classic apparantly.
"Weird Al" Yankovic and Peter Frampton. I haven't been to many shows and he's taken me to all the ones I have. He's into Classic Rock, Funk and Old School Rap.
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i couldn't find anyone to see slayer with me, so i asked my dad to come. i told him slayer was an 80s band. i think he thought they would sound like REO speedwagon. it was funny.
lolz no but my dad went to a few concerts on the nirvana in utero tour, wish i coulda went, to bad i wasnt born till like a month after kurt died
Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Radiohead, and Mark Knopfler.
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Bob Dylan. Great experience.

Me too! Great experience as well.

Every concert i've been to has been with my dad. So together we've so far seen:

Def Leppard, Lynryd Skynryd, Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, and Bob Dylan.
I went to Hootie and the Blowfish with my friend and his dad, but his dad is awesome in the extreme, so I don't know if it really counts since
1)his dad is awesome
2) Hootie and the Blowfish isn't exactly under the br00t4lz category
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Great night. Saw tittehs on the massive screen cos some chick was pissed and.... It was good.

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Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Radiohead, and Mark Knopfler.

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My first time hasn't come yet.. but when I does, I'm gonna die of stage fright

I've seen the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, the Black Crowes, Jerry Lee Lewis, and a few others with my old man. He's the guy who got me into music so whenever we can we go see a concert together (He's strictly classic rock though, so that's all I've seen with him)
Saw one concert with Protest the Hero, All That remains nd Blessthefall and another with The Devil WEars Prada,Illscarlett, Silverstein and Protest the hero with my dad.
Seen Rush with my dad both times I went. I like going with my dad. We like almost the same stuff. I went with 3 other friends and two of their dads to see Coheed & Cambria. They sat in the seats and we went onto the floor, but still.
None, surprisingly

I was meant to go see UB40 with my Mum but... complications... eh.

I would love to go see Prince with either of them but it's damn expensive.
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My dad has taken me to see Tool twice, Coheed & Cambria, Rise Against three times, Thrice on two occasions, Isis, Rush, and a bunch of others.
I go to every concert with my dad and friends and their dads. We have awsome times.
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Great night. Saw tittehs on the massive screen cos some chick was pissed and.... It was good.


The "ck" in Cockburn is silent.
Seriously grow up.
i saw motley crue, aerosmith, lynyrd skynyrd, kid rock, alice cooper, and black sabbath with my dad all awesome shows.

ive also seen poison twice, def leppard, van halen twice, lynyrd skynyrd and bon jovi with my mom

EDIT: oh yeah and i saw zebra with my dad too. how could i forget, i met randy jackson. *smacks self in forhead*
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Bruce Springsteen, it was great, him and I have pretty much the same taste in music.

Dude, me too! Except dad doesn't like prog. Where'd you see Bruce?
I <3 bangoodcharlotte

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one time i let my cat has cheezburger. i thought it was pretty funny.
I saw Muse, Stars, and Feist with my Dad.
I saw Ozzy and Rob Zombie with my Mummy.


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I go to shows with my dad all the time. We've got very similar tastes. We saw the Decemberists, Peter Bjorn & John, The Redwalls, and Bishop Allen, off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more.
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haha! im going to a concert with my pops tonight
we're seing the Fab Four beatles tribute band
my dad refuses to take me to concerts cause hes a wimp so my mom does or i go with a friend
sum41 w/ monty are i and amber pacific
avenged sevenfold w/ bullet for my valentine & Atreyu & blessthefall
iron maiden
slipknot w/ dragonforce, mastodon, disturbed, machine head, underoath, and like every other band that exists
Rise against w/ thrice and alkaline trio
Underoath w/ saosin and the devil wears prada
and soon- In flames w/ All that remains
My father is too old to enjoy concerts fully. He wouldn't like many of the ones I go to anyways.
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i see blues guitar acts with my dad. i see metal and rock with my friends.

my dad and i have seen numerous blues guitarists, The Allman Bros., and the Experience Hendrix concert.

only difference is no moshing and sober.
my dad's an ass. I see him twice a year and he doesn't make any attention to my family.

I wish I had a fatherly figure.
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