No offense, but that was really uninteresting. The first riff is quite bland and doesn't really pull me in, and in fact pushes me out when you do the descending run. There's just nothing to it, you know?
moron, spelt paedofile wrong
guitar kinda sounds like a killswitch engage song at the beginning. and i didnt like the descending part either didnt really fit. too many break downs started to bore me. the part at 1:50 Sounded pretty cool. to make the song more interesting add some melodies using the higher strings. give the song some more structure too. like get a good steady chorus. if you wrote it out it would look like intro/breakdown/breakdown/randomthing/maybeachorus?/breakdown/breakdown. i thought the bass drums were too loud. maybe just cuz your missing a bassist idk. its alright but needs work.