I know theory, and I can almost play the Crazy Train solo so my technique is sufficient. What can you tell me about improvising in this style? What songs best encompass the style, what licks do I NEED to know, what scales and techniques, even though I already know those last two things I think. But what do I need to know? Currently my improv is somewhere inbetween Slash and SRV (my 2 main influences), mostly pentatonics. I know that Rhoads would play a lot of pentatonics, and I can do that stuff easily, but what about everything else? I'm interested in taking this even farther, like to full fledged shred improv, but that will be in time. So what do I need to know? Thanks
know ur fretboard thats pretty much what it boils down to if u always know wat ur playing and what sound ur gonna get from w/e ur about to play u can improv in any style u want
kind of a useless bit of advice. ^

i never learned that many of other people's licks. i wouldnt bother with arpeggios since you are sort of learning to solo improv. some awesome frequently used scales that sound good with minor type playing, Natural Minor, Dorian mode, harmonic minor scale, locrian mode i think. go to this site www.jamcenter.com for some backing tracks and scale generators, and just keep practising till you can improv melody and basic licks with the scales. then figure out some common ascending and descending llicks from your favourite players, figure out how you play that in a given key, etc.

takes time.
Arpeggios are great for soloing. I almost always use them when writing or improving a solo. I would learn the major and minor scale all the way across the board and get comfortable playing it everywhere. Find some good jam tracks and expirement with different licks. You don't have to know certain licks, you can definitly make your own. Learning licks off other people will help though.
He uses alot of major and minor scales, not much pentatonics, so stick to those, analyze his solos and compare them to scales you already know, if they're wrong or a little off, go to the next one, that's how you find out what he uses
I already have an idea about the scales and techniques i'm just having trouble turning them into music. and yeah randy does use pentatonics, but its usually just one single run if any in a solo.
Learn sweeps. Not only will you get a flashy little technique, but the arpeggio shapes you'll learn in the process will be a very VERY useful tool in improv soloing.
well in my guitar legends magazine, in Randys own words, learn all your major/minor scales and major/minor pentatonic, all up and down the neck. Remember what made his solos so good was the tension he built. He did that by not just using the minor pentatonic (like slash does, though admittedly he does it amazingly well) but mostly using major scales and the minor scales and minor blues scales for tension, or the part of your solo that you want the climax to be in.
Randy Rhoads was big on the harmonic minor scale and classical style, too.

I think my favorite track that demonstrates this best is Revelation: Mother Earth from Blizzard.

That is one of my favorite solos of all time.
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Ok. Anything on Van Halen? I get what i need to do, but anything else is helpful ya know. and thanks!