Take this with a grain of salt I suppose because I am not a fan of the genre but:

Doing a review as I listen.

Good recording quality. B+
Vocals are mixed a little too low, but you've got a pretty good vocalist.
The chorus needs to have a little more catchy of a hook in the vocals to really grab the listener.
The breakdown is a bit boring, the drums are mixed a bit high in this part and the guitar has no balls to it.

Overall, you guys sound tight and the recording is pretty good. Musically solid, but nothing really ear catching. I'd say focus on vocal melody to grab listeners.

Peace and Love.
you guys are pretty good
guitar sounds smooth im liking the tone and its a godo recording quality
which leads me to these culturally ignorant questions :p

Are there lots of rock bands in India?
Was it hard to find a studio to cater to this sort of music?
How is your music perceived by parents and those in the community?
I've been here since '04.

haha thanks a lot guys.
Um they are home recordings. And our bassist was the sound engineer (he considers himself to be an amateur). We didnt wanna spend too much on the studio recordings cause were still in high school. We couldnt really find a studio to record out stuff and the studios we do find are mad expensive. Although check out the quality of the song 'the vivum song'. That was recorded in a good studio with the help of a professional studio engineer. But yea music is progressing here in India. Weve got some great bands and great musicians. Although the country does not spend enough on music, which is our fundamental problem. But were getting there. Our band consists of 5 members. I am from San Jose, CA, although i am indian. Drummer is american. Hes from detroit. Our singers from Dubai. And the other guitarist and bassist are from here, india. Parents... well thats the complicated part. Its tough to get em to agree with the whole music scene... so.. yea...
Be sure to find more of our songs over the next few months.
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