There was girl
Had everything she could want

And this girl
Life was cruel to her

And this girl
She failed to realize

IN life you never know
IN life you neverrr know

IN life, expect the unexpected
Don't rule out a tthi-e-e-ng
In life
(Drum solo)

And this girl
She wanted to

Oh how she felt
SO many knew

This girl
She was so distressed

This girl
wanted to lay herself to rest


IN life you never know
I-n life, you never know

There was a boy
Who felt the same way

But held on
For tommorrow

IN hopes
that she might care

that she might notice
that he cared

She complained
About her life

But did she know
he loved her

Was she blind
Or was he dumb

He thought there was another

And now it's over.
Nothing can ever happen.
Nothing can ever happpppen.
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dude ok listen to some ever clear, like the song everything to everyone and this would sound so amazing if it was to that kind of rhythm with that kind of voice dude, very good though!
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