song i wrote in ten minutes more punky grunshish kinda thing, more like everclear than anything crit please

illiteracy's a conflict, one i don't know the answer to.
politics claim to be hero's still trying to save me and you
and everybody's still clueless, how could they let you do this?
they say you've a pro-blem, send you to the fourth floor
its time to say **** them, and kick down the door
my minds talking to me, over and over again
no im not insane, but im just around the bend

they teach me how to walk
yet the tell me not to talk
And they make there funny faces
and everybody's tasteless
still trying to find a way
to take the stress out of your day
don't listen to the people
and maybe they'll go away
yell until your lungs collapse
maybe you'll relapse
cant taste your feelings now
and ill never shake there hand

no child left behind, thats what they tried to teach me
well now im sitting here, listening to you preach to me
is life a big puzzle, if so then im lost, cant find the missing pieces
so just sit down and count one more loss
economy's in a downhill stroke, just like its always been
the sanity's been the same, over and over again
i wish i wouldn't now, but ill probably never see it then