Forget the slang words and let the truth come out
About all the things I wish I never knew about
And the things I wish I could somehow take back
But if I had the chance I wouldn't change any of that

Yet I can't help but think these feelings have bottlenecked
As if what I put into this, is sabotaged by our past
And I don't know if my heart is true but I follow it
You've hurt me so bad I'm having trouble swallowing

A sad story of two, me and you couldn't finish this
With it raining down on us, there was no chance of it
So I brainstorm of a way as my thoughts drift away
But all I can come up with is just more of the same

Unfortunate endings, in our own little fairy tale
Exhale these bad feelings as I realize it's you I've failed
Waiting for the day when I can get past the simple fact
That no matter what I do I'll never have you back

But whatever I choose to do, I'm never going to like
Cause no matter what I choose, it'll be you that I'm losing tonight
This moment is bigger than me and you, combined
I'm sitting here cursing myself as I lose my mind
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