Why on most of the Dime Deans do they have tape on the neck pickups. I took mine off b/c I didn't think it was important. On the shadow it says "the taped neck pickup keeps the strings out of the coils" What is that supposed to mean?
I was wondering if It did anything to the overall sound, b/c it seams a little pointless to me.

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it means it keeps the strings from going under the pick up. and no, it doesn't mess with the sound
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It's got point if you do massive divebombs with the Floyd, then the strings might get caught somewhere.
dime did it cause he was crazy with dive bombing (ie dime squeel) and the strings some times got caught under the plastic of the pickup and being the genius he was put tape so they wouldnt. kinda pointless on non-floyd guitars but it looks cool does nothing with the magnectic current