Can anyone suggests some top brands for internal acoustic guitar mics. I want to install one so i can amplify the percussion i do on the guitar.

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Can anyone suggests some top brands for internal acoustic guitar mics. I want to install one so i can amplify the percussion i do on the guitar.


The industry standard mic for internal mounting is a Crown lavalier. This is the one that Fishman uses for their blended systems with an internal mic and an undersaddle transducer. They're about $300.00, or at least they were when I installed one on my Taylor 412K, about 15 years ago. You would also need a fairly high-end mic preamp with phantom power to make this work.

There are better and less expensive options. I would look at anything that's not undersaddle, especially B-Band (a contact condenser), K&K Sound, LR Baggs (active with an end-pin preamp). These are all soundboard (as opposed to undersaddle) transducers and will not generate the piezo quack associated with undersaddle PUs.

My personal favorite is the K&K Pure Western...very low-profile, passive system that generates a very high output level (for a passive system). This is the most natural-sounding system I've heard, also the least expensive...available through some vendors at about $85.
Thanks for the reply max! It looks like your K & K pure western suggestion is the winner!

Just a few things i need to clear on the pure western.... Am i suppose to glue them undersaddle? or can i place them on the guitar bodies interior where i need percussion to be heard?

If it has to go undersaddle then i'd assume that i would have to remove my current pickup?
I currently have an APMic system which is great except for the mic. personally i think its terrible : ) And its spectrum isnt broad enough to capture all the percussion i perform.
furph, the K&K is made to be glued to the bridge plate inside the guitar, next to where the string-ends emerge. There are 3 piezo pads that are arranged such that they sort of bisect each of 2 strings. The operation is a bit tricky, but the instructions are clear, and any reasonably handy person should be able to do it.

I suppose you could put them anywhere, but this is the way they're designed, and truthfully, they pretty much pick up the vibrations of the entire top, along every axis. If you're percussing on the top, no worries, these will get it.

Also, just to be clear, these are in fact piezos, however they do not generate the gritty quack normally associated with the breed, because they are under no pressure from the saddle/strings, which generates voltage in undersaddle types before you even play, hence quack.
In my research from your great suggestion K&K i came across a system cal trinity western which combines the pickup with a mic and also has a preamp (optional) which allows you to blend between to pickup and mic. Might cost about $350 but im getting to the stage where im getting serious about performing so i gotta go fo the better stuff.

heres a link ........ http://www.kksound.com/trinitywestern.html
Yep, they make a wide variety of systems for various acoustic instruments, including the Trinity multiple-source system. These are all of the very highest quality and sound, and you're only limited by your budget.

Love to hear a report on the Trinity...everything else I've read about those has been stellar.
Ultimately what id like to do is operate two systems and blend them in! That is the APMic current system with the mic turned maybe 1/10 up and the trinity western system with a majority the mic being used to capture those percusive elements but i dont if i can do this as there could be some sorta interference?
I wonder if its possible to just replace my existing internal mic with one of these ? I dont know how the sound would go but its cheap so i gotta give it a crack...


A few questions about replacing this mic though!.......

How do i wire it into the existing pic up? do i fit off a jack onto the end of the wire then just plug it into where the other used to be plugged into?