I've a problem with drugs... well not so much drugs but as my new flatmates who use drugs. Basicly, I'd been staying in the flat of my mum's new boyfriend, he moved in with her and the house was too small so i got to stay in his flat. Great for a couple months but now he's decided I'm having flatmates... His daughter and her boyfriend.

At first I thought "yay! It'll be like friends and I can play Chandler" but it's not like that at all, they're unemployed and unmotivated... and they smoke a lot of weed, I've seen them go to interviews smelling of stale hash. There dad knows she smokes but probably not to the extent. THEY DO NOT PAY RENT

I on the other hand do pay rent, and work late nights in a bar... and although I may choose to smoke ocasionally I don't in the house.

The house now stinks and so does there attitude, I made a youtube video to express my opinion in a more comical manner.


How do you suggest I go about setting down the rules... I mean it's her dads place, I don't want to end up without a place to stay and ****ing up my mums relationship.
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whats a flat?
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not sure there's a lot you can do about it, other than talking it over with 'em
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whats a flat?

Brit term for house/apartment.
I recommend you get the hell out and damn the consequences. You're pulling more than you're fair share of the wait and I doubt you could convince them to start paying rent or change their behavior or anything else. Look out for your own best interests and ditch.
You guys are probably right, maybe i'm just annoyed at the fact that they've got a sweeter deal than I have! by the way a flat in the UK is an appartment in the US.
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Tell them that regardless of whose flat it is they need to pay rent or gtfo.

Thing is they can't they've no jobs so the dad just kinda bankroles them, pays for there food

so I'm only paying a third of the rend and the dad is making up the rest of theres till they find work.
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Talk to them about it.

Also, you could try getting your own apartment somewhere else.
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Thing is they can't they've no jobs so the dad just kinda bankroles them, pays for there food

so I'm only paying a third of the rend and the dad is making up the rest of theres till they find work.

Oh, I thought you were paying all the rent. I see no problem here, you're just envious of their situation. Give it long enough and their Dad should realize that they're not working, and making no attempt to find work, and he'll stop funding them.

At least he should, if he's smart.
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weeds not a drug you pussy.

Then what is it you idiot?
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You pretty much can't "lay down the rules" (speaking as someone who's had a lot of 'flatmates' as you crazy UKers call it , both good and bad). You can try speaking to them in a calm adult manner and coming to a compromise, but you can't "put your foot down". It's their house as much as it is yours, if not moreso because of the whole dad situation. All you can do is discuss it and hope for the best.

And yeah, the only way it works out like "Friends" is if you have a contract for an NBC sitcom or you move in with a bunch of people you already know (which can sometimes turn out worse then moving in with strangers. Trust me.)
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i had a situation almost exactly like that. run as far and as fast as you can.
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whats a flat?
Also says every other American.

Just one month say that you can't come up with the rent and you're asking them to help out. Then next time, maybe a couple of months later, be it two months in a row.

...and so on. It may take time, but eventually you'll tell them that in order to stay in your (your mom's?) flat that they'll have to help with the rent.

Or something similar to that.

...and also rape.
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Chill out and light up with them. Get them a job at the bar too, the girl could be a hooker or something.

+1 This is by far the best suggestion so far.
Take their weed and throw it out. Whenever they buy more throw it out again (or sell it if you have too much trouble with rent) Then tell them they won't have another joint until they both get jobs and keep them.

You could also tell them to sell it (I don't suggest it, but it puts food on the table)
If their dad is paying 2 thirds of the rent, then what's the big deal? You wouldn't be any better off if they paid it themselves.
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...and also rape.

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Tbh, I'd talk to her dad about the pungent smell of hash, and presumably the mess. He could institute a rota, and confine them to hash-smoking-areas.

Also, get your hands on some febreeze.