So today I was sitting in study hall talking to my friend and he asked me if I would make him a sweater for Christmas like the ones the Weasley's in Harry Potter wear. We started laughing and I sarcastically said "Yeah....cause I know how to crochet" (If you don't know it's like knitting with one kneedle, my mom does it) and the headmaster just happened to be wlking by. He just stopped and starred at me like I was in trouble and the started clapping. He clapped for like 10 seconds and then just walked away withoug saying anything. It was the funniest thing ever.

Does the pit have any weird stories about teachers of principals or whatever? lol I'm dying to know if anybosy elses principal is as weird as mine.

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We have one vice principal who has repeatedly surprised us.

One time, two of my friends were pretending to beat up this other guy (we are all friends), and then the vice walks by; he comes over, grabs the guy the were pretending to beat up, and goes "This is how it's done", and continues to fake-beat up this kid.
When ever I hear "crochet" i think of that one game you play with hammers, balls and arches... I think its called Crochet aswell
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When ever I hear "crochet" i think of that one game you play with hammers, balls and arches... I think its called Crochet aswell

I believe that's croquet?
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MyNameIsLame just nailed it (actually both his statements did some nailing).

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when we were walkin by our principal my friend nate called my buddy chris a dick, so our principal punched nate and said to him"that was from him" whilst pointing at chris. it was akward cause we didnt even see him there.
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the dean of my college sounds EXACTLY like Steve-o from jackass when he talks. i can't take anything he says seriously because of it.

Put a recording on your profile? Pl0x?

My principal was just a closed-minded guy who didn't much listen to me when got in "fights". All I did was defend myself and I still got in trouble. No funny faculty stories from me. Maybe I'll remember a couple later.
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I'm highly impressed that I even know how to pronounce crochet.

Although this one time, when I was in 6th year, all the little 1st years were being really annoying in the corridors, being cheeky and the like. So I just put my arms out and power walked down the corridor barging them all out of the way. My mates were rofling when I noticed my chemistry teacher looking at me from the end of the hall. He just smiled, said "They can be bloody annoying can't they?" and walked off. Pretty cool guy.
Our headteacher took us for a music lesson a long time ago, and was playing piano. But something wasn't quite right- it sounded like something was dampening some of the strings. So he lifts off the lid, and produces a small bottle of whiskey and a bag of weed. He asked "Does this belong to anyone?" To a class of 14 year olds... No answer, so he says "Finders Keepers then. Class dismissed."

Next time we saw our real music teacher was at Sport's Day, pissed as a fart, and then the headteacher took him for a walk. We never saw the music teacher ever again.