You wake up on a warm, allbeit dusty morning. The dust storms have been occuring in your desert village all through the night and you are quite aggravated. Fortunately today you and a group of extremists in your village are going to go out on an expedition. You are an expert bomb maker and marksmen, some in your village call you the "jack of all trades" and the "king". You have close ties to Osama bin Laden and he himself has proclaimed you leader of the Jihad in the surrounding area of your village in southern Afghanistan.

You grab your Ak-47 and a few plastic explosives and head outside to find some fellow jihadists. Omar your close friend and brother is very adept and is a talented fighter, but you are worried he is getting a bit slack. In two roadside attacks over the last week he has almost met his end due to making errors. On the other hand he is a great bringer of charisma to your attack teams.

Suddenly you are interrupted in your train of thought. A group of British and American soldiers are in the sight of your binoculars about 1 mile east of your village.

Do you :

a) quickly grab Omar and round up the Jihadists and get on your quads and attack

b) stay quiet for now, there are bombs you've planted up ahead, the APC's might run over them and you can then close in for the kill.

c) grab your sniper rifle and ambush the vehicle from afar.
I choose B
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