sorry if this is the wrong forum, if it is would a mod move it please?

so, anyways, the praise band at my church (which I playn in) is having issued with hearing them selves, would in-ear monitors be a good idea? I mean, we have monitors already, but it's not quite working with our set up,and our sound guy's an idiot, etc etc

so anyways, would we have to get wireless or would wired be OK? are those a good idea in general? anyone else have any other ideas?

wrong forum, and wireless would be best
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where should this thread go?

maybe gear... not sure
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who cares. answer his question, delete it.

id say wireless, and just turn your amps down if you cant hear the monitors.
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in-ears are for bigger venues than that. beware of transients. no one really wants to be deaf.
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in-ears are for bigger venues than that. beware of transients. no one really wants to be deaf.

in-ears are just as viable in small venues as large ones,
I always use in-ears, just because it makes sound checking easier, and protects my hearing from the drummer