Hey everyone
This is a question that can be answered even if you don't own a Toneport GX...so here goes:

I'm recording using the Toneport (obviously) and i've got the Collector Classics, Metal Shop and FX Junkie add-ons...but more to the point, when it comes to recording i can get a fairly nice distortion sound out of the Toneport, yet as soon as i record it into Cubase, it sounds like absolute ****...the 2 or 3 guitars being recording all end up in a big muddy mess of thick distortion.

Basically, i'm looking for tips on how to record distorted guitars and avoid this ongoing problem of mushy sound. I'm using Drumkit From Hell as the drum program btw.

So tips in terms of cleaning up distortion sounds, how to avoid clipping and also how to give the mix a nice amount of room once everythings laid down without making it sound like Death Magnetic's mix (for example) which sounded like ****.

Any help would be a life saver! And i know i won't get it sounding professional at home, just want to get a good demo album up and running (its Melodic Doom, Swallow The Sun style if that helps the advice...)

(Also, i forgot to mention, I'm recording using an Ibanez RG2228 with nice EMG's specifically for the 8-string, so its definitely not my gat thats giving me trouble...its simply inexperience at recording!)

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when layering distortion guitars try to pan and EQ a little. You need to tryand seperate the guitars a little. I personally never had much luck being able to do this with gearbox. All of the distortion patches were really muddy to my ear.
like moody said, make sure they sound differant, other wise it's just gonna layer and mud up.
Also, use the window's volume control center to turn down the recording level to avoid clipping, turn down the volume on the amps in gearbox, as well.
And play with differant sounds, it's not impossible to get a decent distorted sound out of gearbox to record with, it's just not easy. Just takes patience.
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Click my profile and check out my recordings. I am an amateur when it comes to recordings and I am using toneport ux1 and gearbox or guitar rig 3. If you have any question with one song then ask me.

Anyway, here are some "magic" that I can share with you. To avoid clipping, simply turn the volume of the amp model down if you are already satisfied with your amp setting. Sometimes, adding compressor, boost, eq will explode your sound thus clipping. So, just turn the volume down.

Next, double tracking. Double tracking is basically two tracks you recorded only ones. Here how's it goes. You record a riff. After that, copy the track and put it on another track. So now you have two tracks. So here's the magic. You move either one of the track to the right probably 0.20-0.25 milliseconds from the other track. So here, basically the moved track is delayed by a couple of milliseconds. It will create a reverb like effect when you play it. Then you pan one track 80-100% to the left and the other 80-100% to the right. I usually go to 100%. Now, play it. There you have a double tracked riff. Check my Enter Sandman cover, Smells like Cover, Basketcase cover etc for examples.
You can also do that in leads and cleans. It sounds awesome with leads.

Another trick is putting eq to one or either tracks. Make sure that you are using a different setting for both. It will sound like there's two guitars playing at the same time.
Too bad you can't do this with the GX. So you just have to add eq using cubase.

For now that's all I can say. Enjoy!

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