has anyone seen them live? i used the searchbar but couldn't come up with anything. If anyone has seen them live, how were they? I've always wanted to go to one of their shows but haven't got a chance and wondering if it'd be worth it. Also, does anyone know of any live recordings of veritas, aequitas or pathos? Last thing, what does veritas and aequitas mean? I guess it's spanish for something but I never took spanish in school

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I saw them the second night I went to the Thrash and Burn tour (we left early because we had to take some peeps home the first night) with Arsonists Get All the Girls, Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, Winds of Plague, etc... Except for the place was empty which sucked they put on a great show.
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its latin, i'm pretty sure and it means "truthfulness and justice". I haven't seen them live, but I would also like to
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they are my favorite band. ****ing amazing. cool dudes, great music, awesome live, and downright ****ing awesome.
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Last thing, what does veritas and aequitas mean? I guess it's spanish for something but I never took spanish in school

um, or just maybe its latin?
veritas is truth, i think aequitas is justice. either way, google is most probably your friend.
AMAZING BNAD!!!! ****in' one of my top favorite bands. I have all their albums, but the mark of judas... Which I want badly...
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Saw them live once opening for abr...

The drummer looked pissed-off and they had no energy on stage.

They had an obvious lack of passion....

Of course it was one of the last show of a very long tour, but still...
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i missed them with Himsa

i saw them with Himsa in 06. I've seen them 6 or 7 times because they are from here but they don't play home too much anymore since they got bigger, it saddens me. Veritas Aequtas (something like that) is like truth and loyalty or justice or something.


theres a video of Veritas live in DC in 06, i was there , you can see the back of my head.

but yeah use the search button and not the bar, there have been many threads on them over the years.