Im sure there been this thread before so this one might get blocked or something but whatever...

My problem is i know what i want to write about but i cant write it out as lyrics. Pretty much everything that i've written doesnt work out well and just sounds stupid in general.
Anyone have any tips on putting ideas down on paper?
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i thinks this is the wrong forum but im not reporting,just make a chord progression to it and go along,try not to look hard into using big complex grammar you don't understand,keep a structure to it.
happy writeing.
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If you know what you want to write about, that is a great start. Then, if lyrics are the problem, try to first figure out the melody that you want to sing. That will give you a guideline for how many syllables you will need in each sentence. Visit rhymezone.com for suggestions on rhymes. Just let the words flow, do not try to judge your first couple of songs as they will probably be bad. But you have to be a bad songwriter before you can be a good one. Good luck.
don't worry about how it sounds, just write. it's not something that most people can just do naturally, you have to practice, practice, practice.

finding a topic is usually the hardest part, so if you've got that down you're on your way. write something up, and post it in the main S+L forum, and there's tons of people who'd be willing to help ya out.
just sit down with a pen and paper and write anything that comes to your mind then after you have got some words down mix them up and put them into a song. you can pick from your list you have writen down
If you write enough, you will begin to develop your own style. Remember, whatever is to stupid to be said should be sung. Don't worry about if it makes sense. if it makes too much sense, you are probly trying to sound to real. just keep on writing, looking for insperation from every day conversations, and most importantly, never compare your self to other songwriters. The more you do that, the more hopeless it may all seem. Keep the faith man!