...and I'm wondering if it would be a decent investment for my style. I've been looking at the SE Singlecut and the SE custom, leaning towards the custom. But my concern is I want a guitar for primarily metal, I play a lot of Black metal and doom metal, but I also enjoy playing alot of softer, folk inspired music. So I need something that can definitely handle extreme metal, but isn't going to limit me to only that genre, and has good soft tones.
My reasons for looking into PRS was their great reputation, and the fact that Opeth manage to get a great variety of styles and sounds out of them. So am I making a good purchase here? I also realize these are the cheapest PRS's around, but they are the only ones in my price range. Also, what are some good alternatives with regards to my stylistic requirements?
If you're gonna get a cheap PRS, get the Tremonti SE. Trust me its one of the best guitars I've ever played and you can get a really dark heavy sound out of it.
I tried a few PRS guitars recently one was around $3000 and the other was some purple one with bat inlays. They both play pretty nice, though I was expecting a bit more from them to be honest. I figured the $3000 one would at least have coil tap. Simplicity is nice though.

edit: yeah the paul allender one was the purple deal.
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I'd go with the allender if it didn't have those gay ass bats for inlays.
Go tremonti sig, or the singlecut i'd say.
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