so ive got an 80gb ipod classic and the latest version of itunes yer, and for some reason the other week itunes decided to **** itself and just reset, wiping the entire library
and now it says that my ipod is synced to another computer (wtf?) - which it isnt
anyway i want to have my ipod synced to itunes because i want to have it linked to last.fm for "scroggling"

is there anyway i can have it synced to the computer again without wiping everything off my ipod?
or can i have my ipod itself linked to last.fm? i saw something on the site saying i could but it didnt explain very well

please help pit!
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it's synced to a different computer because the library reset, then. mine does the same if i ever completely wipe out my laptop, then download itunes again. what's it hurt to just let it resync everything anyway?

also, there's a thread for this.
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BEST solution, imo, is to use rockbox. It has a built in last.fm scrobbler.