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I feel terribly awful, but when I see a really retarded person, I explode a bit inside. It's just so damn funny.
Maybe it's cause you're ten.
but no it doesn't make me laugh.
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I'm not in a wheelchair, but I own one just for fun.
Sometimes, but I feel like **** afterwards.
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I was looking at porn at the computer froze
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We call one at our school the Veloco-retard... because he runs like a raptor, its hilarious.

What's a velocoraptor?


It's not insensitive, it's a natural reaction. No, I'm not immature, I just see it as humorous. It doesn't mean I don't feel horribly bad for them though, I could only imagine having to live like that.
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i dont think your immature
but personally i feel really sorry for them
Naw not really, But some of my old friends used to make me die laughing with an impersonations. I almost blacked out once when he was doing one. And all of a sudden a retarded guy walked out of a store. He looked exactly the same as my friend....

I'm going to hell
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I find that I feel the same about women who play bass as I think of immigrants in America.

I respect them for finding a place in society under a lot of ridicule, but I have an odd paranoia that they are going to steal my job.
course I pity them... its a horrible thing to be handicapped...

but hey who am I kidding, I have had a nice chuckle or two at a 'tards expense...
this one special kid at our school could drain 3 pt shots on the court all day but he couldn't shoot a free throw to save his life. he would shoot it as hard as he shot a 3. but for some reason he can also make it pretty well from like 5 ft behind the 3 pt line crazy huh.

people who think its immature to laugh at them are strange to me, everyone deserves a laugh now and then! whether its at their expense or their intentional humor, its just fine to me unless you're blatantly laughing at their disability.

a few of my friends work(ed) with them and they say their job is fun and hilarious! most of the people they care for try being silly anyway, to laugh is to live, or something like that.
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Daniel tosh makes sense regarding this issue

I don't think people need to get bent out of shape if someone does.

It really depends. There are people who will laugh at them just to be mean and bully them which is sickening. But if someone who is mentally handicapped does something legitimately funny then I wouldn't say its bad, heck the person may even be entertained by your laughter.
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What's a velocoraptor?

dinosaurs that get stuck to your sweater. the deadliest animals known to textiles.

and no, ts youre an asshole.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Actually they are the only group of people I refuse to make fun of.
grok it.


Listen to jazz, it's good for you...
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We call one at our school the Veloco-retard... because he runs like a raptor, its hilarious.

that's stupid...
veloci-tard flows sooo much better


and dude, it's okay to laugh on the inside,
but saying it out loud (or making a thread) is pretty dick-ish
in fact they kinda scare me sometimes
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Not unless they do something retarded.
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No, I do not find Dane Cook to be funny.
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no not really retarted ppl, but kinda retarted ppl kinda

Sometimes. Especially this one kid in my gym class, he puts his arms in his jean pockets when he runs. It's just too funny to not laugh at.

Call me an asshole, but you know if you saw a "normal" kid do that, you'd piss yourself. Which is just as bad as calling me an asshole for laughing at a "special" kid doing that, considering you're being prejudiced.
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MyNameIsLame just nailed it (actually both his statements did some nailing).

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^^ Directed at me. E-peen wankery sigs ftw.

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I feel terribly awful, but when I see a really retarded person, I explode a bit inside. It's just so damn funny.

at least you dont physically laugh. people that do that get punched in the gut a lot
Yes, retard jokes are FUCKING HILARIOUS.

The first four words of the thread title wouldn't make me say it any other way.
yes and i feel bad.... if you said no your probably a liar and an unfunny @$$H0LE
Well, not really except this one black kid at our school. He drags out the last syllable of every sentence he says, so he talks like thiiiiiiiiiis. And a few years ago some kid taught him a bunch of swears so now he goes around saying, "**** you boyyyyyyyyy."
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You should see them run track.

Sorry but watching them ride a bicycle is the topper.
I don't generally, but I won't say I've never laughed at a joke/impersonation of any one race, handicap, etc.

Is it ok to make fun of people because they're different? No. But is one joke going to take a thousand babies lives? No. And it's not like I never make jokes about myself, either
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