Hey I'm looking to spend about $200 on a good audio interface that will allow me to record guitar on my computer. Any suggestions on what to get? I've heard bad things about the M-Audio Fast track, and I don't know any other alternatives. Keep in mind that the $200 doesn't include the mic and the software.

I've been getting good results using a Behringer V amp 2 running stereo through a Lexicon alpha with Cubase LE. Interface was only $80 USD. You recording electric or acoustic?


James Erceg
+1 on acoustic or electric?

I suggest the Mackie Onyx Satellite firewire interface. It is a great unit but wont work on Vista. The PreSonus Inspire is another great choice at $200 and features just about the same as the Mackie but with lower end preamps and a few less connections.

The Fast Track USB units are quite a bit lower on the sound quality range but M-Audio makes great Vista drivers if you have that OS.

If you have an acoustic, be sure to save up another $100 for a mic or two. I suggest the MXL 990/991 pack for acoustics. The Shure SM57 works well for any type of electric guitar and is quite a nice mic to have around in any studio IMO.

Going below $150 will start dropping your sound quality. If you look into the USB units be sure it is a USB 2.0 connection or you will have some latency. The Toneports are 1.1 USB. EMU has the 0202 and 0404 which are both 2.0 USB.
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