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Jackson RR3
21 42%
29 58%
Voters: 50.
Jackson, nicer shape and has a floyd. Jackson are underrated in here
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i have the jackson in transparent red. it is uber sexy and plays amazingly.
get the eclipse. RRs are great guitars, but an EMGd, 24 fretted, mahogany guitar is better.
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ESP LTD! hands down! In my opinion. You should go play both and see which one you like best, and form your own opinion.
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ESP ftw.

hells yeah, just make sure to leave off the LTD.
actually i have no problem playing my rr3 sitting down.
i really wish i could have the oppurtunity to play the esp tho.
theres no dealers in my area. i played a low end esp explorer and really liked the way it felt tho.
Well, let's look at it this way.

Floyd Rose > Stopbar tailpiece
EMG > Seymour Duncan

It all depends on what's more important to you.
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Thanks fer settin me straight on that Justice

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
Few questions.

1) What music styles do you play? Metal? Jazz? Rock? Pop? le br00talz? Key point to consider is versatility. EMGs tend to be a bit biased towards metal and I personally think they have a sub-par clean sound; however some users might argue otherwise. Seymour Duncan pickups are decent although the JB Jazz setup is a bit generic sounding.

2) Ever played either guitar? The RR3 plays a bit different due to the fact it's a V and has a bolt on neck with a sort of unfinished feel. Do you like single cuts? I personally dislike them (gonna be selling me Epiphone soon ) and generally high fret access is a pain in the ass. That said, LTD Eclipses tend to have a bigger cutaway for easier fret access.

3) Generally, craftmanship from both LTD and Jackson Jap series are pretty good. No complaints there really, but you might still get a lemon model.

4) Would you consider any other guitars? Such as the LTD MH400, Jackson DK2, LTD V500, Ibanez RG1570, Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe?

5) In addition, what is your MAX budget and current rig?


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Well, let's look at it this way.

Floyd Rose > Stopbar tailpiece
EMG > Seymour Duncan

It all depends on what's more important to you.

That's purely subjective man!
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I'd take the Jackson RR3 over the EC-500 because i perfer having floyd rose equipped and a plus is that it has passive pups.
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go with the jackson, more vercitility, it has a floyd for teh Bro00TAlz, jazz pickups for clean stuff and regular metal, and blues, etc. Stop bar tail peice is good and everythign with EMG's but as we all know EMG's arnt the greatest for cleans, not saying they arnt good. other then that its all about how comfortable the guitar is...im going to be buying a jackson rr3 after christmas and i decided to try it out at one of the shops. it felt great sitting down and standing, the sitting preference just depends on you. the whole bolt on neck thing isnt a big deal, i LOVE bolt-ons and the block thing isnt as big a deal as some people make it, you get use to it.
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if u change tunings alot don't get the rr3. if u dont change tunings what do u prefer actives or passives.
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well wait...
if you only play metal, then both are great choices.
if you play other styles such as classic rock, jazz, blues, ect. then get the rr3.
and then theres the question on whether you want a floyd or not, those can be a real pain.
i think hardtail sounds better for some reason though
RR3 all day, not that theres anything wrong with LTD's, but I much prefer jacksons,
the EMG's in the LTd aren't great(IMO of course) and the floyd will be better than the stop tail(also IMO)
plus, the jackson looks way better
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