i got classical audition for college coming up in 6 months, i need 2 songs, any1 got any sugestions ?
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Pavane IV by Milan is a nice one...not too difficult either
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Are you restricted in any way as to the "Classical repertoire?". If not, how about "Mood for a Day"by Steve Howe, from the album 'Fragile', by British Prog-rock icons, Yes

Couple that with anything by John Williams, and Bob's yer uncle! Check out Williams' first solo outing..."spanish guitar music" or something like that...recorded in 1957, when he was 17 years old...!
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Concierto de Aranjuez - Joaquín Rodrigo (Perfect classical amazing song)

and to spice it up a bit

Spanish Fly - Van Halen
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Can't go wrong with Mason Williams - Classical Gas

Unless you play it wrong..

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